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  • Small-lightweight Wireless PSG+Full EEG
  • Wireless mode with full synchronization to HD Video
  • Long-lasting battery operation, wirelessly for over 20 hours
  • All necessary channels in single headbox

System Overview

The SomniPro PSG is a multi-purpose system that allows for recording both EEG and Sleep studies with ease and includes numerous advanced functions. The headbox can be connected via fiber optics or detached and put in wireless mode, all the while maintaining full synchronization with networked cameras. Comprehensive EEG or Sleep study reports can be fully customized to the individual needs of your clinic or hospital.

Deymed Technological Advantages

Battery Operated

Offering the highest signal quality possible and lasting months on a single charge, Deymed systems significantly reduce artifacts and outside noise by running 100% on batteries.

Wireless Use

In wireless mode the amplifier can record for up to 30 hours on a singe charge. Wireless range of 100 meters from the base system for maximum patient comfort and freedom to move.

Intelligent Charging

Deymed's new ultra-low capacitance induction charging keeps the batteries full when the headbox is connected to system. This ensures the highest quality signal is possible with full battery operation during sensitive neurophysiology tests.

Optical Isolation

Optical isolation greatly improves signal quality and patient safety. This feature combined with long-lasting battery operation, offers the best-in-class technology for neurophysiological recordings.

High Sample Rates

Designed with Digital Signal Processor technology, Deymed systems can sample at very high sample rates while changing any parameter on the fly digitally. DSP offers numerous advantages over standard analog processing.

Always on Impedance

Always-on impedance monitoring displays impedances during recording and has alerts to ensure electrodes are in-range at all times. The values are saved to the EEG file for post quality-assurance review.


SomniPro Acquisition

  • Configure and Acquire any PSG or PSG/EEG configuration
  • View all channels plus body position and SpO2 values
  • Montage editor built-in
  • Quick pre-sets for easy use
  • Video view with PTZ camera control

SomniPro Explorer

  • Full PSG/EEG review features
  • Sleep Stage Scoring according to AASM Rules
  • Various report templates (customizable)
  • Works with Quick-Score PSG keyboard
  • Montage Editor
  • Data Export to EDF+ and other formats

HD Video Monitoring

  • HD PTZ cameras for close-up and full view
  • Side-by-side dual view capture
  • Video trimming to save hard disk space
  • Clear night time view with Infra-red lamp
  • Adjust light sensitivity for Day / Night detection
  • High quality MPEG-4 (h.264) video
  • Remote Network HD video / EEG Viewer
  • Multi-room monitoring (4 beds per viewer)
  • Mounts to wall or Hospital cart for portability
  • Wide-band microphone with high sensitivity